Bacon Wrapped Lobster Chunks

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Bacon Wrapped Lobster Chunks – Chirstmas Special

One of the greatest things about being on a ketogenic diet is the creativity it brings out in you. We’re eating more colorful and delicious meals now than we ever have! And to think… there was a time we settled for a bowl of pasta for dinner. Not anymore! We try to make something new every day, and with food, that’s easy. There are millions of things you can have for dinner that are nutritious, taste amazing and are deceptively simple to make. Tonight for dinner, we’re mixing it up and making something that would actually be considered an appetizer- bacon wrapped lobster chunks with homemade garlic aioli!

Bored of eating meat on the ketogenic diet? Try these Bacon Wrapped Lobster Chunks for a special treat and impress your guests…They will never know it’s keto!

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