Moderate Coffee Drinking More Likely To Benefit Health Than To Harm It

moderate coffee drinking

Moderate coffee drinking more likely to benefit health than to harm it

Drinking coffee in moderate amounts is good for health, according to the BMJ. The researchers in The BMJ bring together evidence from over 200 studies and find that drinking three to four cups of coffee per day is associated with a lower risk of getting heart disease, compared with drinking no coffee. Coffee is also linked with lower risks of some cancers, diabetes, liver disease and dementia. On the other hand, coffee drinking may be associated with harms during pregnancy.

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International Vegetarian Week – 5 Vegetarian Diet Health Benefits


Vegetarian Diet Health Benefits

This week is celebrated as the International Vegetarian Week (from 1st to 7th of October 2017), so it is a great time to discuss the vegetarian diet health benefits. If you were thinking about making a switch to this diet, now would be a great time. And here are five reasons why you should switch to Vegetarian diet.

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7 Health Benefits of Raisins

Raisins Nutrition – 7 Health Benefits of Raisins

The raisins are among the most popular dried fruits in the world. Not only they are sweet and tasty, they are also really healthy! This food is especially suitable for the winter, helping people with different health problems, such as anemia and acidosis. Raisins are beneficial for your eyes, teeth and bone health. We present you the top 7 health benefits of raisins.

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