This is How to Meet Your Requirements for Calcium and Vitamin B12 as a Vegan

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The vegan diet is based exclusively on plant-derived foods. Vegans don’t consume any animals product, including eggs, milk and honey. When you eliminate major food groups from your diet, there is always a concern that you might not be taking enough of certain nutrients. Two key nutrients that are commonly at risk for deficiency in the vegan diet are Vitamin B12 and Calcium. It is important to make an effort to include foods that will ensure an adequate intake of all micro nutrients in your diet.

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How Much Calcium You Need (And Where To Get It)

Calcium is important

We need to consume a list of nutrients every day, in order to stay healthy. One of the most important ones is calcium, and for some reason, it is often overlooked. Especially by women. This issue should be addressed immediately, because if we do not get enough calcium per day we can endanger our overall health, especially bone health. Calcium is also important for achieving our fitness goals.

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