Paleo Diet: Pros And Cons


Paleo Diet – Advantages and Disadvantages

Also known as ‘the caveman diet’, the paleo diet is based on what our early ancestors would have eaten during the Paleolithic period (about 10,000 to 2.5 million years ago). Read more about the Paleo diet here. If you are wondering if you should take up the paleo diet, we will help you decide. These are the pros and the cons of this diet:


  • Healthy fats – Consuming moderate amounts of unsaturated fats gives rise to a healthy lipid profile. These fats are found in products used in the Paleo diet, such as nuts, avocado and olive oil.
  • High protein content – The diet has adequate amounts of protein, which contribute to a healthy body composition and a lowered insulin response. As you know, the proteins are essential for growth and development of skin, muscle, bone and cartilage, so this is a very strong ‘pro‘ for the paleo diet.
  • Rich in potassium – Fruit and vegetables are rich and potassium, which is important for maintaining a healthy blood pressure and healthy kidney.
  • No processed food – The diet is comprised of whole foods, meaning less salt and sugar is consumed. Thus, the blood sugar levels and the blood pressure are improved and the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes are reduced.


  • Elimination of whole grains may not be smart, since they contain fiber which is beneficial to gut health.
  • The food portions allowed by the diet exceed the recommended daily allowances for those foods.
  • Leaving out entire food groups can mean eliminating essential nutrients and vitamins from the diet.
  • The diet does not allow the consumption of legumes, which are highly beneficial to gut health and rich in magnesium, selenium and manganese.
  • Finally, humans today are not genetically identical to the ancestors from the Paleolithic period (as this diet assumes). We have evolved and changed our lifestyle, so adapting to this diet can be tough.

Well, these are some of the benefits and disadvantages to the Paleo diet. Based on your needs, you can choose if you want to take up this diet, or go for something else. The bottom line is, humans are not the same as they were back in the Paleolithic period and with the evolution of humans, our diets evolved with us. Our advice is, whatever you do, keep things balanced and don’t go into extremes. Following a certain diet has benefits, but every diet has its disadvantages, so make sure you are well informed before picking a diet and sticking to it.