Detox your body and skin with lemon water

Detox your body and skin with lemon water – Lemons are well known as a Vitamin C food sources. One cup of fresh lemon juice provides 180% of your daily recommended serving of vitamin C. Despite vitamin C, lemon contains: potassium, magnesium and copper. Just check the nutrition values of one cup of lemon water:

61 calories

3 grams protein

6 grams sugar

0 grams fat

112 milligrams vitamin C (187 percent DV)

303 milligrams potassium (9 percent DV)

31.7 micrograms folate (8 percent DV)

0.1 milligrams vitamin B6 (6 percent DV)

0.1 milligrams thiamin (5 percent DV)

0.1 milligrams copper (4 percent DV)

1 gram fiber (4 percent DV)

14.6 milligrams magnesium (4 percent DV)

0.4 milligrams vitamin E (2 percent DV)


Detox your body and skin with lemon water  – The antioxidants found in vitamin C play double role in lemon water. They fight damage caused by free radicals, keeping your skin looking fresh.

Getting enough vitamin C from your lemon water keeps the body producing collagen, essential in smoothing out lines in the face.

Despite this benefit here are top 3 benefits of lemon water:


  • Boost energy and mood – try to replace your morning coffee with once cup of lemon water. When negative charged ions like those found in lemon water entered your digestive system the result is an increase of energy level.
  • Helps digestion – drink lemon water early in the morning will help your body to speed up the digestion. With lemon water you will enter a lot of vitamin C which is the most important vitamin for flushing the digestive system and rehydrate your body.
  • Immune system boost – as we already explained lemon contains a lot of vitamin C and potassium. Drinking lemon water gives the body chance to absorb these vitamins effectively and can provide a big immune boost.