Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

lose weight with coffee

One cup of coffee in the morning can boost your metabolism and reduce appetite.

If you can’t start your day before you get a cup of coffee, we have some good news for you! In addition to providing that much-needed energy to get you going, it turns out that coffee can help you lose weight, too!

Too good to be true? Not according to Sarah Flowers, a nutritionist. In an interview for The Express, Sarah said that coffee lovers should be drinking coffee first thing in the morning, to boost both concentration and energy levels, but also to aid weight loss. According to Sarah Flowers, coffee can help you lose weight, because it boosts your metabolism. She said “Your daily cup of coffee can help boost your metabolic rate, by stimulating thermogenesis, helping you in turn to burn more fat.”

In addition to boosting your metabolism, coffee also contains the helpful weight loss aid Chlorogenic acid, which is capable of slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates and breaking down fat. But, don’t start drinking too much coffee just yet – as it turns out, our bodies can become immune to the fat burning benefit if we take too much coffee.

Sarah recommends drinking one to two cups a day in order to see the full benefits. Drinking one cup in the morning is essential. Our beloved beverage can also reduce appetite. While it can’t replace a meal, coffee can stimulate thermogenesis, which means a reduced appetite and temporarily lessened need for food.

According to a study, published in the International Journal of Epidemology, which studied the dietary habits of more than 93,000 people, those who drank more coffee had a lower risk of obesity and decreased risk of type two diabetes.

Remember that these effects are primarily linked to black coffee, not sugar filled frappucinos. While a sip of milk is okay, too much milk and/or sugar can have the opposite effect on weight.

Enjoy your coffee!