Chrono Tips – Chrono Breakfast


Decided to switch to Chrono Diet? Good for you! This post will provide some tips for your breakfast, according to Chrono diet.

In the morning, drink a cup of warm water (or herbal tea with few drops of lemon), right after you get up. This will help start your metabolism. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well balanced breakfast will improve your concentration and memory, and it will give you energy for the whole day and also preserve your line.

Fat, protein and slow sugars (cereals) are the best way to start your day, according to Chrono. Fats in your breakfast will help synthesize good cholesterol. If you don’t consume animal fat for breakfast a long time, the bad cholesterol late will increase.

Eggs, ham, cheese (feta or similar) are great for breakfast. The secretion of insulin is at the highest in the morning. Its extensive secretion is associated with high cortisol, too. Cortisol, with its activity further affects the increase in blood sugar. Both of these hormones will exhaust pancreas if you eat in the morning quickly digestive sugars such as honey, fruit and foods which contains artificial sweeteners.

No breakfast after 10AM!

Breakfast should not be no later than 10AM. If you feel hungry in the morning, after a heavy breakfast, you have to ask yourself, what have you eaten for morning meal? If you don’t think you can manage to stay with no food until late afternoon, you can re-take food that will be similar to breakfast, but, no later than 1PM (Although, this only applies to people with ideal weight, or at least weight close to ideal).

For example, if you ate for breakfast toast with turkey breast or similar, plus yogurt (sour milk), such a meal can be repeated up to 13 PM, but no combination of bread and light protein. So, you can eat toast with butter and yogurt (sour milk), or just ham (chicken breast, sirloin) with fresh pepper.

Calculate your body fat here.

If there is a higher percentage body fat, eat only protein and vegetables. No bread, (yogurt) sour milk or corn bread.

Advice: Make your morning meal with food containing more fat and proteins, so that you will have more power and feeling of satiety that will hold you to lunch. Avoid re-taking food before lunch. Only re-take food if you absolutely need to.