Chrono Diet Menu For Beginners


Chrono Diet Menu For Beginners

When beginning the chrono diet, you may face difficulties. It’s not just a diet plan it’s changing your life style. At first, you might find it difficult. You need some simple meals to get you started and prepared. We’ve prepared a simple chrono diet menu for beginners to help you out.

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Chrono bread, butter, chicken breast, sour milk with linseed Pork chops and cabbage White chicken meat & broccoli, with lemon juice and garlic
Tuesday Chrono bread, ham, young cheese and tomato salad Bream with mustard (look for mustard without sugar) and roast peppers Fish with garlic and mangel
Wednesday Chrono bread, scrambled eggs, dried meat and tomato salad. Chicken and fresh salad with lemon juice Egg white omelette and grated zucchini
Thursday Cooked millet with sour milk, roasted bacon and various seeds Meatball in tomato sauce with mashed zucchini and cauliflower Roast mackerel and kohlrabi
Friday Chrono bread, butter, parsley scrambled eggs Pork with roasted peppers White chicken meat & cabbage, with lemon juice and olive oil
Saturday Boiled Buckwheat with roasted bacon or pork neck. Young cheese and salad Beef goulash with picked vegetables and green salad Hake with stewed peppers
Sunday Chrono bread, cream, sirloin and tomato salad Carp with mangel and fresh kohlrabi Tuna with garlic, grated zucchini and kohlrabi, olive oil and lemon juice

Rules for beginners:

  1. No coffee before breakfast. Herbal tea or warm lemonade half an hour before the meal is an option.
  2. The space between meals should be 5 hours.
  3. You can eat milk products three to four time a week.
  4. Up to 8 eggs per week (or less, if you have cholesterol problems).