Cycling And Weight Loss – 5 Tips On How To Lose Weight by Cycling

Cycling and Weight Loss – Pedaling the extra pounds away

The bicycle is becoming increasingly popular these days, and with a reason. It’s a healthy way to move around, not polluting the environment. It also gives your body the much needed exercise in today’s busy world. But, surprisingly enough, only few people take full advantage of everything the bicycle has to offer. Today, we are talking about cycling and weight loss and how to make the most of it.

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Bicycling – From Risky to Healthy in 200 Years

Bicycling – This year the bicycle turns 200. Add to your longevity by riding one.

It all started with a volcano. Mount Tambora, Indonesia, disastrously erupted in 1815. When this happened, debris thrown into the atmosphere temporarily chilled the globe, resulting in widespread crop failures. This lead to starvation of horses.

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What Running Really Does to Your Body?

What Running Really Does to Your Body

Whether you are a rookie or an experienced runner, it is essential to understand the physiological effects it has on your body. This is what running really does to your body, broken down and explained.

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Exercising on Empty Stomach – The Key To Weight Loss

“You need food to fuel your workouts” – One of the greatest misconceptions about weight loss exercising

This thesis has been called into question lately – Indeed, consuming carbs before working out can increase performance (mostly in sprinting & sports that require power), but it also stops the body from using the already stored body fat for energy, thus stopping the weight loss process. So, if you exercise to stay fit and/or lose weight, exercising on empty stomach is the more effective option.

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