7 Health Benefits of Raisins

Raisins Nutrition – 7 Health Benefits of Raisins

The raisins are among the most popular dried fruits in the world. Not only they are sweet and tasty, they are also really healthy! This food is especially suitable for the winter, helping people with different health problems, such as anemia and acidosis. Raisins are beneficial for your eyes, teeth and bone health. We present you the top 7 health benefits of raisins.

1. Vision protection

The rasins contain polyphenolic phytonutrients with great antioxidant properties. They help to protect eyes from damage, caused by free radicals leading to macular degeneration, cataracts and age-related loss of vision.

2. Help for Anemia

The raisins are filled with iron and this is great help for Anemia. They also have essential B vitamins and copper which is helpful in the formation of blood cells.

3. Bone Health

Calcium is essential for the bone health – and it is often found in plant sources like raisins. Raisins also contain potassium, another important nutrient for the bone health, reducing the chances of osteoporosis – the common bone disease.

4. Constipation relief

Same as any other dried fruit, the fiber content in raisins is concentrated. When eating them, the raisins swell because of the body’s natural fluids, which is a good thing! The insoluble fiber adds bulk to the food moving through the intestinal tract for constipation relief. Raisins are also helpful in stopping loose stools in the same way – absorbing the liquid of loose stools and reducing the discomfort and frequency of diarrhea.

5. Increase your libido

The raisin can stimulate the libido and induce arousal, thanks to an amino acid, called arginine, which is beneficial in treating erectile dysfunctions. You’ll also get an energy boost for endurance.

6. Blood sugar control

You can reduce post-meal sugar levels significantly by eating a few raisins, several times a day. Although raisins contain sugar, they have a relatively low glycemic index and they contain fiber and antioxidants, all the factors that contribute to blood sugar control. Raisins health benefits also extend to diabetics and people at rist for diabetes.

7. Boost your workout

Leave out all the energy bars and/or sport snacks that you think you need through your exercise routine. Eating raisins could provide the same workout boost as sport chews – says the Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition. Researchers from California-Davis University discovered that raisins are an economical and natural alternative to “sport snacks”. In addition, they don’t have any added sugars, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. Keep it natural!