5 Ways To Improve Your Workout Routine To Lose More Weight

work out routine

You work out all the time, but still can’t lose weight? We’ve been there. With these five simple changes to your workout routine you can finally start to see results.

1. Really warm up

Jumping into your workout without prepping your body first stops your body from performing optimally (burn more calories). Start with some mobility moves, like hip opener drills, leg swings and neck nods in order to help your mobility. Doing a couple of these moves before you start, your work out will be more effective.

2. Work interval training into your cardio routine

Interval training helps you burn more calories than exercising in a steady state. If you are a treadmill junkie, spring for 30 seconds, then walk for 30 seconds and keep alternating.

3. Lift more weight

Lifting more weight makes your body burn more calories. Try to increase the weight you are using by 5-10% percent each week, for your upper body, and 10-15% for your lower body.

4. Focus on compound movements

Many of the machines at the gym target one specific muscle group, but if you are focusing on losing weight, your best choice is to opt for moves that use multiple muscle groups at once. Using more muscles overall means you’ll end up burning more calories.

5. Rehydrate and refuel

If you don’t do this, your body won’t get the optimal muscle gain from the workout, which limits the amount of calories you burn. In addition to drinking lots of water, protein intake is also important, i.e. chocolate milk.

So these are the five ways to improve your work out routine in order to lose more weight. If you are working out with the purpose to lose weight, you might find these tips really useful.